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Design classics ripe for investment

Otl Aicher, Alvar Aalto, Marcel Breuer, Max Bill, Dieter Rams, Jean Prouvé, Gerrit Riedveld, Hans J. Wegner – at the Quittenbaum ‘School of Design’ auction on 9 December in Munich, the great designers of the 20th Century go under the hammer. We present some of the most special pieces….

The Quittenbaum ‘School of Design’ catalogue is a journey to the centre of European creativity. You can find Art Nouveau from Austria and Hungary, silverware from Darmstadt, Bauhaus classics from Dessau, industrial furniture from Paris, Scandinavian chairs and postmodern objets d'art from Milan.

From sheepskin to pew

For cozy winter evenings, we’d choose the Scandinavian sheepskin armchair by Philip Arctander, while the Finnish pew by Alvar Aalto and the ZigZag-chairs of the Dutch designer Gerrit Rietveld are more suited to Lent. Meanwhile, post-War modernism is represented by some very interesting pieces: take the simple prototype chairs and table by Otl Aicher, that influential German designer best known for his Lufthansa logo and that of the 1972 Olympic Games. The estimate is €18,000 to €20,000. Even the highly touted French designer and architect Jean Prouvé is represented at the sale – in addition to his 1950s armchair, there’s also one of his aluminium building components

We'd bid on these lots...