The Vintage & Classic Style Guide: A smorgasbord of great design

Why buy something new when the old is so much cooler? The new ‘Vintage & Classic Style Guide’ brings you the classic and well-patinated products that are always in fashion for the real, vintage hipster…

In a world of permanent progress, where this morning’s high-tech product is already obsolete, something effortlessly cool emanates from old and timeless design. An Eames chair, a Barbour jacket, a turntable by Technics or a well-used Porsche 911 – their history tells their story; they’ve nothing to prove. Over 216 pages, EarBOOKS’ ‘Vintage & Classic Style Guide’ explains which cars, furniture and accessories every small collection should include.

“Real things”, explains editor Michael Kapur, “have an identity, a story for us. They stand for themselves, represent themselves and are not trying to be anything else. Over the years we have developed a relationship with these things. They are unique, timeless and never go out of style. That’s why we love them.” We at Classic Driver can only agree. 

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