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Watch our chat with Matt Hranek tonight on Classic Driver Live

The founder of Wm Brown Magazine, author of A Man and His Watch, photographer, filmmaker, travel obsessive and self-confessed ‘street hustler’ Matt Hranek is our guest on tonight’s instalment of Classic Driver Live…

The New York-raised creative mastermind Matt Hranek exhibits a lust for life that’s nothing short of awe-inspiring. After kindling his career in the world of photography, he founded the William Brown Project as an online blog in the late 2000s as a means of documenting his unpredictable lifestyle. The topics varied from well-tailored clothes and great, simple food cooked outdoors to trout fishing, antiques foraging and off-the-beaten-track travel. And the blog struck a chord with like-minded men around the world, truly hitting the zeitgeist. So encouraged was Hranek that he published the first print WM Brown Magazine last year – he refers to it as ‘an unpredictable collection of many types of men’ and for ‘the guy who loves well-crafted and well-tailored things… or an unapologetic can of cheap lager beer’. He’s also the author of A Man and His Watch, an ode to the enduring bonds people forge with their timepieces. We’re thrilled that Matt will be joining our host J. Philip Rathgen tonight on Classic Driver Live to discuss style, the world’s greatest travel destinations, his personal watch collection and how Wm Brown earned its greatest fan in Ralph Lauren. Tune in tonight on our Instagram channel from 7pm CET/6pm BST.