Watch our chat with Faisal Bin Laden on Classic Driver Live

If you’re active in automotive circles on Instagram, you’re no doubt familiar with tonight’s guest on Classic Driver Live: Faisal Bin Laden is an architect, entrepreneur, racing driver and avid collector of special cars and watches…


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Saudi born but based in Dubai, Faisal Bin Laden is an entrepreneur with an insatiable passion for automotive and horological history. He runs two businesses: WSF Creative, a production and media agency working with the likes of Red Bull, Emirates, and Pagani, and Veloce Life, which aims to bring together all things collectable – be it cars, watches, pens or cigars – and the people who obsess over owning them. In his downtime, however, Faisal fosters an exquisite collection of watches and cars (the latter of which includes a certain British comedian’s old McLaren F1), regularly races modern sports-racing cars, and shares his passion for the watch and car worlds with like-minded enthusiasts either in person or via his popular Instagram channel. We’re delighted that Faisal will be joining our host J. Philip Rathgen tonight on Classic Driver Live – tune in on our Instagram channel from 7pm CET/6pm BST. 

Photo: Faisal Bin Laden