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Watch our chat with Benjamin Clymer tonight on Classic Driver Live

Our next guest on Classic Driver Live is the founder of Hodinkee Benjamin Clymer, a man once referred to by The New York Times as ‘The High Priest of Horology’, such is the extraordinary influence of his website in the wider watch world…

It was an Omega Speedmaster affixed to the wrist of his grandfather that Benjamin Clymer can attribute his lifelong passion for watches to. In 2008, he founded Hodinkee (the name deriving from ‘hodinky’, the Czech and Slovak word for wristwatch) and has expertly grown the website into an international brand, benchmark publication and thriving e-commerce platform truly at the forefront of the horological world. But as ingrained in the watch world as he is, Clymer also boasts a discerning eye for design, fashion and, of course, classic cars. We’re thrilled that he will be joining our host J. Philip Rathgen for tonight’s instalment of Classic Driver Live to chat about the early days of Hodinkee and its meteoric rise in popularity, his personal watch collecting journey, the future of the watch industry and the joys of European sports cars born in the 1960s. Tune in tonight on our Instagram channel from 8pm CET/7pm BST. 

Photo: Jay Gullion © 2020