Vertu Ti Ferrari: Direct line to Maranello

Here’s a refreshing alternative to those annoying pop ringtones: the latest collaborative product from Vertu and Ferrari emits the bark of the F12 supercar to alert its owner to an incoming call…

Recent times have seen British luxury phone-maker Vertu solidify its partnership with Ferrari. Five years ago we saw the first Prancing Horse-adorned mobile phone; now the company has finally released its ‘smart’ descendant, which makes use of Google’s Android operating system and goes by the name ‘Ti Ferrari’.

In conjunction with Ferrari’s own styling studio, Vertu’s designers reinterpreted elements of the F12berlinetta. Alutex – a lightweight composite material used by Ferrari for its interiors – is used for the ‘pillow’: Vertu-speak for the part which makes contact with your ear while on a call. Black and red Ferrari leather is also used, treated by Vertu to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

The price of 12,500 euros might seem a little steep for a mobile phone, but that does include a subscription to Vertu’s Concierge service. Those wanting a hotline to Maranello shouldn’t wait too long though, as the Ti Ferrari smartphone will be limited to 2,013 examples.


Photos: Vertu / Ferrari

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