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These toy cars were the heroes of the playroom floor

Which boy didn’t spend countless hours with his toy cars, staging fast-paced races, movie-style chases and huge pile-ups on the carpet and, in so doing, find a passion for the automobile? Christian Blank has now dedicated a book to these nursery heroes…

True friends with scratches and bumps

What happens when a father is woken early on a Sunday morning by his young son, to play with his toy cars? For Christian Blank, it inspired a beautifully illustrated book dedicated to the smashed and battered toy cars that inspire the younger generation. In addition to old Porsches, the 320-page book is filled with British icons, scruffy Ferraris of the 1980s, and the disproportionately sized Siku version of the Maserati Boomerang. “These cars were loved, and often the first possessions of our childhoods,” says Blank. “They were defended and fought over, and they tell stories that we’ve all experienced.” 

For big kids

Ideal for big kids, ‘Kinderzimmerhelden’ (Children’s bedroom heroes) is a wonderful Christmas gift for all those who spent their childhood with a miniature fleet on the carpet, discovering a passion for cars in the process. It also serves as inspiration for parents to explore the attic, find that dusty box of toy cars, and honour the heroes of yesteryear. 

‘Kinderzimmerhelden’ by Christian Blank is available to buy for 24.80 euros. Please click here for more information.