These collectibles don't just make eccentrics happy

We don't want to use the C-word just yet - after all, there are still 16 weeks until Christmas Eve. So why don’t you consider some early gifts for loved ones and yourself at Schuler, and then you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the golden autumn on deserted country roads.

The new auction catalogue from Schuler in Zurich is live on Classic Driver - and as always, numerous objects have aroused our desires that we would never have guessed that we absolutely need in our lives. And wouldn't your loved ones also look forward to a collection of insects made of sheet brass, a pair of percussion pistols or a cast iron piggy bank skeleton? You are not sure? Then bid on a vintage Omega from the 1960s, a box of Chateau Canon or a pair of gold Porsche cufflinks - you won't go wrong with that!


We would bid on these lots