These 5 car books belong in every gentleman’s library

Contrary to popular belief, the unpredictable April weather does have its upsides — before the historic events season gets properly underway, there’s still time to get lost in the latest automotive books. Here are our recommendations…

Walter Röhrl – Querlenker

Who doesn’t want to be able to control a car like Walter Röhrl? In this, the ‘Rally God’ and exceptional sportsman’s 70th year, comes a new coffee table book published by McKlein, comprising numerous unpublished photos and anecdotes from the life of the Bavarian ‘Querlenker’. 

Porsche 911 – The Ultimate Sportscar as Cultural Icon

Books about the Porsche 911 are hardly scarce, but this new ‘Elfer Bible’ from Gestalten, written by former Rolling Stone Editor-in-Chief Ulf Poschardt, highlights the development of the 911 into a global cultural icon. Those interested in learning more about the Porsche sub-cultures in Hamburg in the 1980s, or the importance of the 911 for fashionistas around the world, should not miss this book. 

The Aston Martin DB4GT

The Aston Martin DB4GT is one of the rarest and most coveted British sports cars of them all. With a circulation of 300 copies, priced at £1,000 each, this new opus from Palawan Press, authored by brand gurus Stephen Archer and Richard A. Candee, is not only slightly rarer than the car but also significantly cheaper. For those who prefer things a little more exclusive, or are looking for some literature to accompany their own DB4GT, individual ‘Chassis Editions’ in a leather case can be ordered for £1,750. 

RWB – Volume 1: Life After Birth

The Japanese Porsche community is not always easy for outsiders to understand. Tuning company Rauh-Welt Begriff has established a global reputation for its fantastical wide-bodied 911s. And while Akira Nakai’s wild creations might not correspond to the purist preferences of most Porsche disciples, they’re particularly topical right now. This 320-page illustrated book, RWB Volume 1: Life After Birth, offers further insights into the work of the creative Japanese workshop. 

One more than 10 – Singer and the Porsche 911

Yes, it’s more Porsches, but this time in the Californian sunshine. The ‘reimagined’ 911s from Singer Vehicle Design are rightly regarded as pioneers of the global restomod scene. In One more than 10 – Singer and the Porsche 911, authors Michael Harley and Rob Dickinson tell the whole story of the Californian workshop, from its humble beginnings to its international success. And to cap it off, the preface is written by Chad McQueen, the son of the ‘King of Cool’. 

Photos: McKlein / Gestalten / Palawan Press / RWB / Singer Vehicle Design