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Revisit the set of ‘Mad Men’ with this behind-the-scenes bible

Now that the final season of ‘Mad Men’ is over, it seems that the fate of Don Draper and his advertising cohort is sealed. Now, a comprehensive new book has been released to help wave goodbye to those mavericks of Madison Avenue…

Over seven seasons and 92 episodes, the television series ‘Mad Men’ gave us a glimpse into the bustling world of New York’s Madison Avenue advertising agencies in the 1960s, quenching our retro thirst with meticulously staged scenes and perfect period details. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the immensely talented actors, scriptwriters and set designers directly influenced our image of the 1960s. Many of us spent countless evenings watching it with a glass of bourbon in hand, right up until its conclusion last year.

For those nostalgic people who are still finding it hard to bid farewell to Draper and the rest of the gang, Taschen has now published a two-volume bible for all Mad Men disciples. In the first volume – the Old Testament, if you will – the seven seasons are traced chronologically through film stills and screenplay excerpts. The ‘New Testament’, meanwhile, provides a rare look behind the scenes, comprising photographs from filming, anecdotes from production, notes from ‘The Writer’s Room’ and detailed interviews with the show’s creator Matthew Weiner and various authors, producers, directors, designers and actors. The standard edition can be bought for 150 euros, while a limited ‘Art Edition’ is available, priced at 750 euros.