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Now on Classic Driver Live — Historic racing veteran Gaby von Oppenheim

Joining JP Rathgen for the next instalment of Classic Driver Live is Gaby von Oppenheim, the German writer, editor, food blogger and accomplished racing driver…

There are not nearly enough women in the world of historic motorsport. Cologne-based Gaby von Oppenheim makes no bones about her passion for cars and racing. She contested her first Le Mans Classic back in 2008 driving her old Porsche 911, and has been racing compulsively ever since. Under the pseudonym of Gabriele Spangenberg, a character from the popular Belgian racing cartoon Michel Vaillant, Von Oppenheim started the popular Meals and Wheels blog in 2010, a sort of diary of her on-track escapades and favourite meals. “I started this blog because there wasn’t a person left around me who was prepared to hear about cars anymore,” she quips. “The only time I don’t talk about cars is when I race them or I’m cooking!” Meals and Wheels led Von Oppenheim to land a presenting editor role at the German Octane magazine, and even more opportunities to climb behind the wheel of some of the world’s rarest and most desirable classic cars. Join us on our Instagram channel live from 1900CET/1800BST on 25 June (or catch it afterwards on our IGTV channel) as Gaby von Oppenheim joins JP Rathgen to dive into the world of historic motorsport, hard-hitting home-cooked food and her parallels with the fictional character Gabriele Spangenberg.