Microsoft Surface: Finally a credible iPad alternative?

For some years now, Apple has had a near-monopoly on the tablet computer market. Now, arch-rival Microsoft has launched its interpretation of a handheld screen – named ‘Surface’ and presented in stylish black.


Even if no immediate conclusions can be drawn concerning the actual performance of the Surface (statistics haven’t been released yet), the handheld computer boasts a cool and smart design. In contrast to Apple’s popular take, the Microsoft Surface will not primarily be used for entertainment, but rather as a complete office tool. Illustrating this is the clever membrane keypad, integrated into the shell and undoubtedly useful for conducting business on the road.

Taking a leaf from the Apple tree, as it were, Microsoft has shrouded its prices and other details of the release in secrecy. Let’s hope it fares better than the Zune, the brand’s ill-fated iPod competitor…

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