McCall Motorworks Revival: Kick-starting Monterey Week 2013

Gordon McCall’s ‘Jet-Set’ meetings have opened proceedings at Monterey's classic car week for the last 22 years. What began as a small meeting place for aeroplane enthusiasts has grown into a ‘luxury gathering’, this year with Aston Martin’s centenary as a focal point…

The setting for McCall’s extravaganza is the Monterey Jet Center, where the private airfield turns into California’s most expensive car park during the Monterey classic week. Cocktails and canapés welcome the privileged as they admire the displayed supercars, rare classics, aircraft and luxury products.

To celebrate Aston’s centenary, more than 40 cars from varying periods of the marque’s history gathered on the airfield before taking off for one of Nappa Valley’s famous wine tours.

Of course, manufacturers have realised the importance of a presence at such an event to promote their wares. Both Bugatti and Pagani showed off their latest models, but even the Veyrons and Huayras will seem a little ordinary compared to the rarities to be seen at the concours later this week.

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