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Unique Packard wins ‘Best of Show’ at 2013 Pebble Beach Concours

A one-off Packard 1108 Dietrich Convertible Victoria from 1934 has claimed the coveted ‘Best of Show’ award at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours.

A 1934 car, the winning Dietrich Victoria was one in a small series of ‘semi-custom’ Packards, but stood apart from its brethren thanks to its cherry-picked features. Not only is it one of the rare ‘Vee-windshield’ cars, but it also has the distinctive twin-strip fenders of the LeBaron Dual Cowl Phaetons, making it unique. Enthusiasts consider 1934 to be a vintage year for Packard production: the mighty V12 had matured, and 1935 was to see a downturn in quality standards.

Owners Joseph and Margie Cassini are no strangers to Pebble’s ‘Best in Show’ award, having previously won it in 2004 with their 1938 Horch 853A Cabriolet. This year, the recently restored Packard also took the title of ‘Most Elegant Convertible’.

Photo: Rolex/Tom O’Neal