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The Landie lives on… as a £10,000 pedal car

While adult Land Rover enthusiasts will soon have to let go of the Defender after a record 67 years in production, adventurous children have a reason to rejoice: the all-terrain legend will return to production in Spring 2016 as a pedal car…

Preserve of the privileged

Despite rumours of a production run extension, Land Rover recently confirmed to us that production of its iconic off-roader will cease in January. However, the legend will live on for some time yet: the first examples of the new fun-sized Defender will be delivered to their gleeful new owners in Spring 2016. However, they’ll have to raid their piggy banks first, as the pedal car will cost around £10,000, owing to its hand-crafted aluminium body and genuine leather seats. In miniature form, it appears the Defender has finally completed its transition from the workhorse of the working class, to the preserve of the privileged.

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