How bloody cool are these custom R Gruppe helmet bags and art prints?!

For us, Frank Kayser’s uber-cool ‘R Gruppe’ manifesto is certainly one of the car books of the year. Now the photographer has dropped a highly creative merchandise and fine art collection that’s equally desirable.

If there is one book to worship this year, it’s Frank Kayser’s 580-page tribute to the mythical R Gruppe – one of the world’s most exclusive and cool car clubs. Last week, we added the ‘RBook’ as a standard and limited edition to the Classic Driver Shop – and it became an instant best-seller. But for the German photographer, the project did not end with the release of the book. Inspired by the authentic and casual Californian lifestyle of many of the influential R Gruppe members, Frank designed a highly creative and desirable merchandising collection. Each of the vintage pilot helmet and paratrooper bags has been customized with genuine Porsche and motor racing patches and insignia – and has a unique story to tell. Knowing that every bag exists only once makes it even harder to chose a favourite. 

Browsing the R Gruppe Book, we couldn’t stop wondering how cool some of the photos would look on our living room walls. Luckily, Frank has now released the ‘RBook Fine Art Collection’ with a hand-picked selection of his favourite shots from the book. All images are printed on 340g cotton museum grade paper (that will make the colours last for more than 100 years), coated in shiny light silver bromide and framed in heavy beech wood frames hand made in Germany. 

Both, the merchandise and the fine art prints, are offered at reduced prices until the end of December – so you better be quick to order your favourite bags, T-shirts, photos and of course one of the books from the Classic Driver Shop

Here are our favourites