Classic Driver Christmas Staff Pick – Jan Baedeker

Each week we ask team members and close friends of Classic Driver to pick their favourite Christmas presents from the Classic Driver Shop. Here’s what Jan Baedeker, our Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief, suggests.

“Although most joys in life are abstract and not for sale, I must confess that I am hopelessly addicted to beautiful, well-made objects and collectibles, especially if I don’t really need them”, says Jan. “The only cure for me is to write about the things I love and compile endless wishlists – just in case I hit the jackpot one day. So when my colleagues from the Classic Driver Shop asked me to put together a selection of presents I would give away this Christmas to a likeminded friend, I for once was well prepared.”

“I’m a sucker for minimalist graphics and puristic 1970s design, that’s why the Amalgam model of the iconic Porsche 911 R and the Lancia Stratos Alitalia Poster by Automobilist are high on my list. Giving in to my current fascination with early skateboard culture, I have also added the latest, all-white Travel Case on Wheels from my friends at Floyd as well as the super desirable re-release of the Banzai aluminium longboard – the green one’s particularly stunning. Furthermore, I have added two of the books I am most proud of – the concept car compilation “Fast Forward” that I co-edited with Gestalten and “Escapes Winter”, a tribute to the beauty of snowed-under mountain passes. Finally, one needs to know what time it is – and while I am not really a watch guy, the Montreal-inspired TAG Heuer Carrera 160th Anniversary is the most desirable timepiece I have seen in a very long time.”

“So how to transport all these things? Luckily, Bennett Winch have just released a set of understated, yet ultra-desirable cargo bags that should do the trick. And instead of a sled I’d kindly ask the owner of my favourite shooting brake, the one-off Aston Martin Virage Zagato, if I could borrow it for some hours for my Pre-Christmas delivery tour.”

Jan Baedeker's picks from the Classic Driver Shop