Your favourite British fashion designer is now selling cars

Paul Smith’s a veritable icon in the fashion industry, offering brightly coloured and boldly patterned clothes to the world for almost 50 years. After establishing a relationship with Cooper in 1998, Smith’s delved further into the car scene and put on his salesman hat — floral-patterned, no doubt…

One-stop shop

If you’re heading to Paul Smith’s No. 9 Albemarle Street shop in London this weekend to get a head-start on your Christmas shopping, you might find something a little out of the ordinary in the window — which, for Paul Smith, is saying something. A bright green and bare aluminium 1953 Cooper MkVII Twin has found its way on to the shop floor and it’s not just for display — for the right price, you can take it home with your shirts and cufflinks, albeit probably not in the same carrier bag. The Formula 2 racing car is completely original, with a fully documented racing history, and is fitted with an original J.A.P. 1100 V-twin engine, along with a Norton gearbox — an ideal example for historic racing. So, if you’re Christmas shopping for the fashionable motorist in your life, Paul Smith’s No. 9 Albemarle Street store just may be your one-stop shop.

Photos: Paul Smith

If this Cooper doesn’t quite do it for you, a handful of other examples can be found in the Classic Driver Market.