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You can now buy a fully-electric Aston Martin Rapide

At this week’s Shanghai show, Aston Martin revealed the production-ready version of the Rapide E, a vision of the future that will herald a new era of electrification for the illustrious British marque. But would you buy an electric Aston?

It’s been almost two years since Aston Martin first showed the concept version of the electric Rapide. And now it’s finally revealed the production-ready version, of which just 155 will be built at the marque’s new St Athan plant in Wales, a facility Aston is dubbing its ‘home of electrification’.

Utilising technology developed in collaboration with the British firms Williams Advanced Engineering and Integral Powertrain, the car will be powered by two rear-mounted motors delivering 612HP and 700lb ft of torque. Combined with a smattering of carbon-fibre body panels and some clever aerodynamic tweaks, the car will consistently accelerate from 0–60mph in 4.2sec, 0.2sec quicker than its fossil-fuelled counterpart. The use of a limited-slip differential, revised spring and damper rates, and three specially-tuned driving modes means the Rapide E has reportedly lost none of the feel and character of the V12 car. Hmm. 

Pitched to the eco-conscious driving enthusiast who wants more ‘Power, Beauty, and Soul’ than a Tesla, the Rapide E will reportedly be good for over 200 miles of range thanks to its efficient 800-volt battery system, which is positioned where the engine used to be and can be recharged by an onboard AC charger in around three hours. A historic step for Aston Martin, which has shown how dedicated it is to embracing electrification, the Rapide E is no doubt a landmark car for the marque. But without the soul-stirring growl of a V8 or V12 engine, does an Aston Martin lose one of its most fundamental characteristics? 

Photos: Aston Martin 

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