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When a Maserati is this beautiful, who cares if it’s real?

This beautiful Maserati isn’t one of the four A6 GCS Berlinettas made by Pininfarina, but it is a painstaking hand-built recreation carefully crafted using period techniques by the masters at Pur Sang in Argentina. Read on to find out more!

As the final Maserati model styled by Pininfarina, the A6 GCS Berlinetta ranks among the most beautiful and desirable cars to ever wear the trident badge. Designed by Aldo Bravarone in 1953 and presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1954, this coupe version of the A6 sought to meet the demand from Maserati’s clientele for a more comfortable sports car, especially when the weather took a turn for the worse. Despite the stunning design, just four examples of the A6 GCS Berlinetta were completed, each slightly different, making it one of the most sought after jewels for any Maserati collector. Even if you can afford one, chances of persuading their current custodians to relinquish their unicorn-status Italian sports cars are slim to none. Luckily, that’s where this stunning Pur Sang recreation comes in. 

Based in Argentina, Pur Sang have garnered a reputation for constructing peerless one-to-one replicas of some of the most incredible and rare cars ever made, exclusively using period-correct techniques and technology. If there was any doubt to the quality of their work, the fact that Jay Leno’s collection houses several of their builds should indicate that Pur Sang’s creations are the real-deal, even if they aren’t actually “real”, if you catch our meaning. 

Powered by a 2.0-litre inline six cylinder engine pushing out 170 horsepower through a four speed gearbox, this Maserati has had considerable time and effort put into it by its current custodian to get it driving like the racing thoroughbred it is. Boasting stunning hand-beaten aluminium bodywork draped over a tubular lattice frame, we doubt all but the most experienced concours judges would be able to tell this isn’t a recreation. So, if you want what is effectively a newly-built example of one of Maseratis greatest cars, and for a hefty discount relative to a real A6 GCS Berlinetta, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Century Limited