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This is what happens when a Countach gets the Lo-Res treatment

If you thought the Stratos Zero or the Maserati Boomerang was the purest personification of the automotive wedge, think again. This new promotional car from fashion brand United Nude takes the basic form of the Lamborghini Countach, and distils it down into a rolling sculpture…

Distilled design

The car is the latest in a series of projects using United Nude’s semi-automatic ‘Lo-Res’ process, which creates forms from scratch, or using existing designs as a basis. With the latter, the method takes a CAD model of an object – such as a Verner Panton chair or, in this case, a Countach – and repeatedly lowers the 3D resolution until only the most dominant lines remain. Along with the concept car, United Nude has also produced numerous shoes (the company’s core business) using this method, as well as bags, bracelets and chairs. No Countaches were harmed.

Photos: United Nude

For further information, visit the United Nude website.