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We’d happily retreat to the wilderness in this stunning Volvo V90

Thanks to design chief Thomas Ingenlath, Volvo is producing some of the most elegant contemporary automobiles currently for sale. This is the new V90 Cross Country, with which we’re completely smitten…

Scandinavian simplicity

We have to admit, car design in 2016 is riddled with problems. Everywhere you look, there are torn-open radiator mouths and grimacing bi-xenon faces, as though designers honed their craft in Korean toy factories. The well-proportioned, near-minimalist designs of the former Volkswagen designer Thomas Ingenlath and his team are, we’re pleased to say, a refreshing exception. With clean lines, harmonious proportions and discreet details, Volvos interpret the classical elements of Scandinavian design. Take the new V90 Cross Country, for example. It’s so well designed that we wouldn't think twice about retreating to the Icelandic wilderness with it for a month or two… 

Photos: Volvo

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