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Watch our chat with Rémi Dargegen tonight on Classic Driver Live

The undisputed eye of Classic Driver, photographer Rémi Dargegen is our guest on Classic Driver Live tonight. He’ll be chatting to our host J. Philip Rathgen about quitting his day job to pursue a career in automotive photography, his deep-rooted passion for cars and, of course, *that* beard…

It takes just a few minutes in Rémi Dargegen’s company to understand his fierce passion and deep knowledge for historic cars, particularly those of the pre-War variety – he even has a Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix car tattooed on his arm. His extraordinary eye for detail and uncanny ability to capture a car’s character or an event’s atmosphere has led him to become one of the most well-respected and sought-after classic car photographers – and the true eye of Classic Driver. He’s been a Classic Driver contributor since the very beginning of his ‘new’ career in automotive photography, and we relish taking the time to pore through his breath-taking galleries. Tune in on our Instagram channel tonight at 7pm CET/6pm BST to watch Rémi star in the fifth instalment of Classic Driver Live with our host J. Philip Rathgen. 

Photo: Robert Cooper for Classic Driver © 2020