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Watch our chat with Guy Berryman tonight on Classic Driver Live

Starring tonight on Classic Driver Live and chatting with our host J. Philip Rathgen is the one and only Guy Berryman, the rock star of Coldplay fame, publisher of the trend-setting Road Rat Magazine and one of the world’s most knowledgeable car collectors…

Almost three years ago, we had the pleasure of being the first magazine to be invited to see Guy Berryman’s magnificent car collection. A lot has happened since then – Guy has toured the world with his band Coldplay, established his own automotive print magazine, the widely praised Road Rat Magazine, and become one of the go-to experts for classic Porsches and vintage Heuer watches. Naturally, we were delighted when he accepted our invitation to star as the guest in the first instalment of our new Instagram interview series, Classic Driver Live. To watch the upcoming episode of Classic Driver Live with Guy Berryman, please follow @classicdriver on Instagram and tune in tonight (that’s 3 April) at 1900CET/1800GMT.