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These 10 new car books should be on your wishlist this year

Here they are – the ten newly-released, must-have car books that should be at the top of every petrolhead’s wishlist this year.


Belgian power couple Bart Lennaerts and Lies de Mol of WAFT have done it again and released another coffee table book that deserves to be on top of every car lover’s wish list. Titled “Restomods – Better, Faster, Cooler”, the book tells the fantastic stories of all major classic car customisers like Automobili Amos, Alfaholics or Kimera with insightful words and fabulous graphics. ‘Restomods’ is available as a standard and limited collectors’ edition.  



Made in Italy

Piotr Degler is one of the world’s most talented automotive photographers. His new book “Made in Italy” is the culmination of more than a decade of work portraying extraordinary Italian concept cars and iconic limited edition models. Degler’s opus magnum is certainly not “just another car book”, but a visual experience. The images of the cars have been taken with painstaking attention to detail and show us some of the world’s most exciting shapes and forms in a new light, while Degler’s interviews with design masters like Marcello Gandini, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Flavio Manzoni, Paolo Martin, Paolo Pininfarina and Ercole Spada take us on a journey through the history of Italian automotive design.



The Coolnvintage 10 Years Book

With their customized Land Rovers and alluring photos and videos, Ricardo Silva Pessoa and the team behind Coolnvintage kicked off the restomod trend a decade ago. Now our friends from Lisbon are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a strictly limited collectors edition book. The beautifully designed book is a tribute to the Land Rover that takes its readers on a journey around the world, covering all the fantastic cars, places and road trips from the Coolnvintage universe. So you better be fast and grab a copy before the 2000 books are all sold out!



Monaco Motor Racing

In the world of Formula 1 racing, there is no place like Monaco. The street circuit is considered to the the most difficult, dangerous and glamorous track on the globe. Now a new and delightful coffee table book retraces the magic of Monaco's motor racing in the 1950s and 1960s with a compilation of black-and-white images taken in period by the gifted society photographer Edward Quinn. Many of the photos have not been published before and are a fantastic document of Formula one’s most elegant era. 



Bugatti EB110

Written by Johann Petit and Pascal van Mele over two decades and edited by Julius Kruta, the EB110 book features the story of Bugatti in Campogalliano and the detailed genesis of the EB110. It features interviews with the main protagonists as well as 700-period photographs, historic images, drawings and specially commissioned artworks, many of which have never been published before. The new ‘Bugatti EB110 bible’ is available in a series of strictly limited collectors editions that no serious collector should miss!



Brun Motorsport

With his Brun Motorsport racing team, Walter Brun set new standards in the German Racing Championship from 1981 and later in the Sports Car World Championship. Initiated by one of his sons, Sacha Brun, together with the authors Thomas Nehlert, Eckhard Schimpf and Peter Wyss, this book looks back on the racing exploits of Walter Brun and Brun Motorsport. Loaded with fascinating tales from the very beginning, right up to the success with Porsche and BMW, this new 962-page trilogy documents the unconventional career of Walter Brun, and it’s now available in three variants in the CD Shop.




Fuoriconcorso Quattro

Published by Guglielmo Miani, the 'FuoriConcorso quattro' book is a stylish celebration of Audi and its game-changing all-wheel-drive technoloy. Breaking with all conventions, the rarely seen concept vehicles, race and rally legends and production cars were photographed artfully in the empty streets of Milan at night, making the book a must-have collectors' piece for all Audi and car design enthusiasts.



Ferrari 288 GTO

What do Michele Alboreto, Keke Rosberg and Niki Lauda have in common? They all owned a Ferrari 288 GTO. The rare but game-changing twin turbo V8 sports car is the subject of a new collectors edition book. While photographer Stefan Bogner have captures the classy design language of the 288 GTO, brand expert Jürgen Lewandowski has traced back the history of Maranello's original supercar. 




Car Racing 1969

After covering the racing seasons 1965 – 1968 in their previous books, Éditions Cercle d’Art return to the racing circus of 1969 in the fifth installment of their golden-age motorsports chronic. Drawing on treasures from the DPPI photo agency’s archives, 'Car Racing 1969' offers a unique glimpse into the atmosphere of motorsport at the time. The beautifully designed book reveals a year of sporting and industrial daring, but also one of clashes. Fierce struggles pitted Ferrari versus Ford, Matra and Brabham, Lotus and McLaren, even as a new major rival, Porsche, surged onto the scene.



GT40 Uncovered

You have seen the Ford GT40 in action at Goodwood and Le Mans, but now you can study the legendary racing car in full detail. Written by Claude Nahum and Steve Rendle, 'GT40 Uncovered' allows its readers a glimpse under the car's lightweight body, sharing original technical drawings and revealing the engineering feat that made Ford's multiple Le Mans winner so successful.