Save these off-road dinosaurs from extinction

Sometimes you almost forget that SUVs weren’t just built to easily overcome curbs while parking in the shopping mall. Fortunately, there are still some real all-terrain dinosaurs left for sale in the Classic Driver Market…

Although they are both technically classified as SUVs, an Audi Q3 or Porsche Macan has about as much in common with a real off-road Landy as a robin does with a pterodactyl. But while dinosaurs can only be admired today in museums or movies, there are still some survivors of that brute automobile genre of off-road and 4WD monsters that once populated our forests and prairie lands. And who knows — while behind the wheel of any of the following 10 giants from a land before time, you might even be able to survive the next asteroid strike.

The latest off-road dinosaurs from the Classic Driver Market