RM Auctions to put the Sam Pack Collection under the hammer

In mid-November, RM Auctions will offer more than 130 cars, spanning nine decades of largely American automotive history. What’s even more interesting than the diversity of the cars is that all are from the collection of one man: Sam Pack…

The renowned Texan entrepreneur and car collector amassed the collection over a lifetime (even opening the Pack Automotive Museum to showcase them), but recently enlisted RM and Auctions America to help reduce it to a more manageable level. As a result, more than 130 cars – ranging from a 1920s Ford Model T to a 2012 Mustang Boss – will be sold at the single-collection sale with ‘no reserve’ attached.

A lifelong passion

“I’ve had a love affair with cars since I was a teenager; it’s in my DNA,” says Pack, whose family has (fortunately) supported his passion: “They get as much joy out of the cars as I do.” And the winning bidders might be able to persuade their own families to do the same, as Pack has clearly been selective in his choices. “My collecting philosophy is simple: buy what I like, but always with an emphasis on quality.” The sale will take place at the Pack Automotive Museum on 14 and 15 November 2014; the full lotlist can be found in the Classic Driver Market. We’ve selected some of our favourites below.

Our 10 favourites from the Sam Pack Collection