Remember when Ferrari used to win races?

With the recent dismissal of Marco Mattiacci, the Ferrari F1 team seems as chaotic as ever. For the first time since 1993, it has failed to win a race all season – a far cry from the glory years of top-tier dominance under il Commendatore, which have been described in a new book by Veloce...

Despite the book’s title ‘Grand Prix Ferrari – The years of Enzo Ferrari’s Power, 1948-1980’, the 400-odd page hardback begins during Enzo’s formative years at Alfa Romeo in the 1920s, setting the scene for the fascinating story that was to come. After explaining how Ferrari developed his racing outfit immediately post-War – just as Alfa Romeo was withdrawing from GP racing as Italy’s main representative – author Anthony Pritchard goes on to document the Scuderia’s top-flight fortunes in great detail, recounting tales of triumph, tragedy and the occasional tantrum.

Each race during Enzo’s reign is detailed with a race report, along with detailed model development tables, racing specifications and chassis numbers – and an array of fascinating pictures, many of which are from the author’s collection and have never been seen before. Pritchard sadly passed away shortly after delivering the material to the publisher so, considering his position as a lifelong authority on Ferrari and Maserati, this limited-numbers book (no more than 1,500 will be produced) will be seen as the ultimate parting gift by many thankful tifosi.

Photos: Veloce Publishing

The book ‘Grand Prix Ferrari – The years of Enzo Ferrari’s Power, 1948-1980’ will go on sale in early December on the Veloce website.