Red Parts: Franco-Italian car components boutique

We do agree that the term ‘spare parts’ is not the most exciting. However, Ferrari and Maserati owners, ‘excited’ one time to many over the availability and price of spares, will be interested in this 1,550 sq mt warehouse near Paris, packed with rare parts.

Everyone knows that running an Italian supercar will never be cheap. And there will come times when even simple service work is held up for the want of a back-ordered part. The French company Red Parts is there for those occasions, stocking thousands of components, many (almost) worth their weight in gold.

Red Parts is proud to proclaim itself the biggest specialist supplier of Ferrari and Maserati parts in France. Every used item is closely checked, cleaned and carefully treated to prevent corrosion before being computer-catalogued and put into stock. A seal with a certificate of authenticity guarantees the thoroughness of the inspection process.

In addition to standard components, the company also offers enhanced, high-performance parts for those looking for even more ‘go’ from their Italian supercar.

And, via associated company De Widehem Automobiles, those not yet owning a Ferrari or Maserati can ‘join the club’ by buying a classic or newer car. See De Widehem’s cars in the Classic Driver Marketplace.