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Racing reds: the bloodline of success

A red racing car always seems to look faster than any other. Over the years, variations of the colour have been worn by some of the most successful single-seaters, sports cars and saloons. Classic Driver presents some now for sale.

Silver for Germany, white and blue for the USA, green for Great Britain and yellow for Belgium – different colours, and all seen on winners at racetracks worldwide. But there’s always something about a red car – and it does not have to be Italian – that gives it extra appeal.

Ferrari and Maserati dominated racing in the 1950s and early 1960s, yet a red Lagonda won at Le Mans in 1935, a red Ford Mk IV at the same race in 1967 and, pre-War, works Aston Martin Ulsters were painted in the colours of the home country of team principle Bertelli.