Porsche Classic has reprinted 700 period-correct driver’s manuals

Have you lost or are unable to track down an original driver’s manual for your classic Porsche? Fear not – the Stuttgart marque’s Classic division has revealed that it will reprint around 700 original vehicle manuals for cars dating up to the 996-generation 911…

In today’s ever-discerning world, we all know how important originality is when it comes to classic cars – particularly in terms of paraphernalia such as build stickers and user manuals. Even the smallest of details can make a significant difference to a car’s desirability. That’s why Porsche Classic has spent the last two years building a database of some 700 digitised driver’s manuals for almost all of its early models, each of which can now be printed in period-correct fashion. So, whether you’ve got a 356 dating to 1952 or have just taken delivery of a 964 RS, you’ll be able to source a matching factory-supplied driver’s manual, warranty booklet, or car care pamphlet, either to replace one that’s been lost over time or use as an placeholder to preserve the original. 

Photos: Porsche

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