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This perfect-spec Alpina is actually a bread van in disguise

This 2021 Alpina D3 S Touring for sale with Rock ’N Roll Classics has it all: handsome wagon looks, a stunning green-over-tan spec, and oodles of space. Who wouldn’t want to daily this thing?

We often talk about the classic cars we’d love to daily in the Classic Driver office, but every now and then a modern car catches our eye. That was exactly the case when we spotted this stunning 2021 Alpina D3 S Touring for sale with Rock ’N Roll Classics, which represents a stylish and rare alternative to the new G81 M3 Touring.

Firstly, let’s discuss its incredible specification. The original owner ordered it in Alpina Grün II, the most expensive shade available for the model, while the interior has been upholstered in acres of cognac Merino leather. You’ll also notice the must-have addition of the ‘Alpina’ lettering above the front splitter, while the tuning firm’s iconic multi-spoke wheels naturally make an appearance. Visually, this Alpina certainly wouldn’t leave us yearning for an M3 Touring — especially as it lack’s the M3’s divisive and enormous nostrils — and there’s a few more reasons why you might choose this over the M version as your daily to-be. 

Without a doubt, the D3 S Touring’s biggest boon is the Comfort+ mode, which offers a level of serenity that M3 drivers can only dream of. Then there’s the torque; while this Alpina’s 355hp inline-six might be down on power compared to the M3, its 730Nm of torque has the M3 beat, making it a good choice if you intend to use this wagon for towing duties. This particular example is even more practical than a normal 3 Series Touring, because a rear seat delete has given it monumental amounts of boot space, turning this Touring into more of a bread van than estate. Currently showing just 58,000 km on the clock, this Alpina remains in fabulous condition, all it needs now is for you to grab the keys!