New BMW 7 Series slims down as it smartens up

The sixth-generation BMW 7 Series has arrived, bringing with it optional four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, gesture controls, and a lot less weight…

Luxurify, then add lightness

Central to the weight-reduction programme is a ‘Carbon Core’ passenger cell, which makes use of carbonfibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) to shed as much as 130kg over equivalent models from the previous generation 7 Series. Once inside, you can now control the iDrive system with gestures – so rejecting calls from the in-laws can now be done with a mere flick of the wrist – and the car can now park itself without needing a driver to supervise. Along with the optional laser headlights pioneered by the BMW i8, the new 7 Series also features four-wheel steering and predictive active suspension. It will initially be available in standard and long-wheelbase form with petrol, diesel and hybridised six-cylinder engines; V8, V12 and extra-long-wheelbase variants are expected to arrive further down the line.

Photos: BMW

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