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Morgan borrows some Selfridges style for a limited-edition EV3

Did you know that Morgan and Selfridges were both founded in 1909? Now the pillars of British fashion and craftsmanship have teamed up to celebrate their ‘common heritage and shared values’, with the limited edition UK 1909 Edition of the electric EV3. Classic motoring has never felt so futuristic…

Back to the future

Sustainability is said to be the key driving idea behind the Morgan EV3 UK 1909 Edition, of which just 19 will be built priced at £52,500 each. For that princely sum you get an EV3 (the electric version of Morgan’s popular 3 Wheeler) painted in black with Selfridges bronze detailing, new wheels and a new windscreen design, as well as a special ‘driving kit’ said to celebrate British artisan heritage, comprising accessories from such iconic brands as Alexander McQueen, Globetrotter, Belstaff and Dents. Though we’re sad to see the loss of the EV3 concept’s quirky offset headlight, the thoughtful combination of traditional driving accessories and contemporary technology is a novel mix. In terms of the future of premium motoring, this is certainly a direction we could get behind.

Photos: Morgan

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