More than just the Delta – 10 must-have Lancias

Although it may be the spaceship Stratos and demonic Delta that top most lists of dream Lancias, there are countless other models with that same spirit and trademark charisma from the connoisseur’s Italian manufacturer to choose from…

Of course, the Fulvia springs to mind when thinking of the lovely Lancia, with its effervescent engine and delicate styling lending itself perfectly to proper use, and currently, it’s sitting somewhat behind the comparable Alfa Romeo GT Junior in the value stakes, but let’s not forget the other gems in the classic Lancia line-up. Towards the higher end, the B20 Aurelia’s Mille Mile eligibility and pretty-yet-practical attributes see them popping up in more and more auctions, while the boxy Beta and Monte Carlo offer 1980s thrills for reasonable pricing (at the moment). Of course, we cannot forget the Zagato bodies, as the prices of some may surprise you given the grandeur of the famous coachbuilder. From the Classic Driver Market, here are our 10 picks.

10 must-have Lancias from the Classic Driver Market