Market Finds – A very early Ferrari and a reborn Cadillac hearse

A car doesn’t need a seven-figure price-tag to earn a place in our hearts, as the Classic Driver Market demonstrates beautifully. This week, a 1950s Peugeot police car arguably had the office talking more than one of the first – and therefore most desirable – Ferraris ever built…

The start of something beautiful 

There’s something almost Bentley R-Type Continental about this Ferrari 166 Inter, such is the opulence and elegance of its ultra-rare Stabilimenti Farina body. It was just the 11th car to ever leave the factory and, coupled with the fact that just 10 Ferraris ever wore bodywork by Stabilimenti Farina, is a car for the true marque connoisseur.

David versus Goliath

Ginetta’s diminutive sports cars were a popular choice for racing drivers in the 1960s, and its G12 – a car that bravely took the fight to Shelby, Jaguar and Ferrari – is widely considered to be the first mid-engined British GT. Delivered new to Washington, this fabulous example is believed to be the first G12 to cross the pond. Since its last restoration was completed in 2014, it’s not been raced once, presenting an excellent opportunity for its next owner to return it to the track. 

Rest in Style

It’s not difficult to see why this Cadillac Fleetwood hearse has been nicknamed ‘The Thundertaker’. Its radical transformation was undertaken by renowned custom-car builder Bryan Fuller of Fuller Moto, and involved actually lengthening the chassis of the already vast hearse. The interior is just as lavish as the exterior, with enough gadgets to keep a teenager entertained for hours. 

Enduring champion

The surge in popularity of Group C prototypes is becoming harder for both collectors and historic racers to ignore. The Porsche 956/962 is not only by far the most successful model of the 1980s Group C golden era, but also arguably the most approachable for an amateur historic racing driver. According to the seller, this Kremer 962 has the potential to be a front-runner in the popular Historic Group C championship. What’s more, it was raced in period by Henri Toivonen and boasts a full carbon-fibre chassis. 

’Allo ’Allo ’Allo

You don’t need to turn up in a priceless 1960s Ferrari that’s been polished to within an inch of its life to turn heads at the Goodwood Revival – in fact, the quirkier the better. Take this Peugeot 403 Break, for example, with its mock Gendarmerie get-up. That’s it’s original blue paintwork, as well. 

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