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Land Rover recreates 1948 production line

Land Rover has created a replica of the original 1948 Series 1 production line at its current manufacturing plant in Solihull, where the final Defender will be produced later this year…

Following the announcement that 2015 will be the legendary Defender’s final year (and that it will see the launch of three special-edition models), Land Rover has built a faithful recreation of the Series 1 production line as part of a new ‘Defender tour’. Sited among the current production facilities at Solihull, the ‘Defender Celebration Line’ will show visitors – who are asked to wear authentic ‘cow gown’ overalls – a step-by-step remake of the build process, post-War style.

Authenticity in abundance

Many original tools, parts and even a draftsman’s drawing board were sourced to create the Defender Celebration Line, ensuring the exhibit is as faithful as possible. “We wanted to create something extra-special that would give visitors and enthusiasts a unique insight into how it all started back in 1948,” says JLR Heritage Director John Edwards. “It has been a huge task to recreate a production line from almost 70 years ago, from sourcing original parts for the Series I models, to authentically re-creating the working environment and uniform of employees who were here.” The 3-hour Defender Tour is open now; you can book your place here.

Photos: Land Rover

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