Jaguar Heritage Collection in safe hands; new museum on the way?

In response to the recent speculation in the press about the fate of Jaguar’s soon-to-be-homeless Heritage collection, the company has not only confirmed that the future of the circa 150 cars is now secure – but it has also hinted at plans for an all-new museum.

The Heritage fleet will be evicted from its current Browns Lane residence in September, which has led some publications to question the likely fate of the gem-studded collection. However, a statement from Jaguar has confirmed that the 120-strong fleet will be temporarily relocated, with a permanent new home being the intended long-term solution.

The company insists “negotiations are on-going to display some of the vehicle collection at other appropriate locations in the Coventry and Warwickshire area,” likely to include the Coventry Transport Museum or the Heritage Motor Museum – each a stone’s throw from the JLR site.

But there may be a more permanent solution, according to Ken McConomy, Jaguar PR Director and Jaguar Heritage Trustee. “The longer term vision is that we will have an all-new Jaguar Heritage museum; however, we are not disclosing any further details at the moment.” McConomy added that Jaguar “will be making a formal announcement about Jaguar Heritage and its future strategic direction next month.”


Jaguar Heritage Collection in safe hands; new museum on the way?


The Browns Lane site was sold by Jaguar back in 2007, meaning the closure of the existing museum has been looming for some time. Around 30 of the most special examples from the fleet will be displayed on-site until September, after which they will be paraded at an “increased number” of public events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


Photos: Jaguar

For further information, see the Jaguar Heritage website.

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