It’s T-time! Brace of Mercedes-Benz 200Ts offered for sale

Mercedes’ first estate car, the 200T, pioneered not only every Mercedes station wagon to this day, but also the ever-popular European estate-car segment…

The successful W123 series still proves exceptionally popular today, especially in classic car circles. Introduced at the 1977 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Touring model – Mercedes’ first station wagon – played a pioneering role in defining the ‘lifestyle’ segment that has become so vital to the European car industry. 

The ‘T’ in the name stood for Touring and Travel

The first ‘proper’ estate with a star on the bonnet possessed characteristics that quickly won over the public, making it a real must-have: namely the vast space in the boot, covered in exquisite velvet carpet, rendering the saloon and coupé models practically pointless. Why wouldn’t you choose the wagon? The ‘T’ in the name stood for Touring and Travel, distancing it from the rest of the model range and pitching the car directly at busy families in need of a car for every situation. 

Elegant space-saving

With the rear seats folded flat, there’s even more whopping great volumes of bootspace – and those fine chrome rails on the roof aren’t there just to look pretty: more luggage can be hefted around up there, too. It is this well-coordinated mix of practical space and elegant appearance which makes the 200T so popular. Top-condition examples are becoming increasingly rare, and prices reflect that. Hallier Classic Cars is offering these two exceptional four-cylinder 200Ts for sale. Their durability and strength mean they should remain tight as a drum, regardless of what you throw at them. Besides, in a 200T, no matter how tough the journey is, you’ll always arrive in style.

Photos: Jan Richter

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