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Happy birthday Porsche – here’s to another 70 years and even more curves!

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria occupies a special place in the history of Porsche – its endless curves and bends have served as a test-track for the marque right from the start. In its 70th year, Porsche threw the ultimate birthday party at the Glockner….

You can usually tell the quality of a party by the names on the guest list. For his celebratory gathering on the occasion of Porsche’s 70th birthday on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria, Munich photographer and curve hunter Stefan Bogner invited ‘only’ 17 cars and their owners. But the selection had it all – from a replica of the legendary Type 64, a 911 ST, and a 550 Spyder to Rudolf Lins’ 904 Carrera GTS, a 911 Safari, and the new Mission E Concept. 

A Porsche Carrera 6, a 962, and a 718 RSK Spyder with Pikes Peak history only served to increase the VIP factor. In addition, the Le Mans class-winning 911 ST 2.5 was present, after its recent restoration by Porsche. And, of course, there were modern rarities such as a 918 Spyder, a GT2RS, and a genuine 911 police car from Zell am See to keep everyone in check. We can’t think of a better or more beautiful way of celebrating Porsche’s 70th anniversary.

Photos: Stefan Bogner for Curves Magazin

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