Grasp the magic of Ettore Bugatti with this beautifully original Type 30

Few cars evoke the romance, excitement, and pioneering spirit of pre-War motorsport more than the diminutive and delicate jewels of Ettore Bugatti. This pretty little two-seater model, the lesser-known Type 30, exemplifies Bugatti’s genius. And it could be yours…

Bugatti’s first eight-cylinder car, the Type 30 bridged the earlier four-cylinder Type 22s and Type 23s with the formidably successful Type 35 Grand Prix cars, which are now widely considered to be the quintessential pre-War racers. 

Beautifully original

Just 600 Type 30s were originally built and this particular example, which dates from 1924, is one of only 50 believed to survive today. Ordered as a one-off racer, its unique sporting bodywork – with staggered seats that allow for maximum ‘arms and elbows’ – is complemented by four-wheel cable-operated drum brakes, advanced shock absorbers at each corner, and not one but two Zenith carburetors affixed to the eight-cylinder engine. 

Perhaps more remarkable than its unique specification is the fact that, 94 years after it left the factory, the car remains in almost entirely original condition, with all the right numbers stamped in all the right places – only the ‘cigar-tail’ rear bodywork has been replaced, during a restoration in the 1960s. 

Sharing the love

Aside from the charm, character, and the exhilarating driving experience, probably the most appealing aspect of early Bugatti ownership is the multitude of events around the world in which you can take part and engage with other enthusiastic owners. During his six years of ownership, this Type 30’s custodian understands that appeal only too well, having exhibited and driven it at numerous events including the 2013 Vintage Revival at Montlhéry. 

The time has come, however, for a passionate new owner to write the next chapter in its long history. The Type 30 will be auctioned by Bonhams on Saturday at the Goodwood Revival and we can’t think of a more perfect place in which to imbibe the magic of pre-War motorsport. 

Photos courtesy of Bonhams © 2018 

This very 1924 Bugatti Type 30 will be offered at Bonhams’ Goodwood Revival 2018 auction on 8 September in West Sussex. You can find the full advert listed in the Classic Driver Market in addition to the entire catalogue for the sale