Goodwood's 2013 sculpture pays tribute to the Porsche 911

A spectacular firework display on the eve of the 2013 Festival of Speed inaugurated the physics-defying 911 sculpture, in turn celebrating 50 years of Porsche's magnum opus.

After a speech by Lord March likening the "beauty and function" of Gerry Judah's 22-tonne masterpiece to the car it commemorates, a thunderous firework display penetrated the crisp night air of the Goodwood estate. Despite the meticulous planning, the ceremony's impact was soon outdone - by Richard Attwood pulling up outside the house in his 1970 Le Mans-winning 917 (appropriately sporting a tuxedo...), only to be greeted by long-time comrade Hans Herrmann. It's moments like this that add weight to the claims of Goodwood being the pinnacle of the world's automotive gatherings.