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Getting Started: Every epic story has a great start

Ignition. It’s an emotional moment. That strained whirring and ticking, induced by the twist of a key or the push of a button, that divides the still silence from the eruption of the engine. This video, aptly named ‘Getting Started’, shows 33 exotics, both old and new, roaring into life…

So what’s your favourite? It’s a truly difficult question considering the mouth-watering selection. Will it be the romantic purr of the Ferrari 250 Lusso’s 3-litre V12, the lazy, thrumming idle of the Porsche 901’s boxer-six, or perhaps the angry, fuel-spitting V8 in the Jaguar F-type?

While the more modern machines’ engine notes are arguably louder and more in-your-face, we can’t help but feel that, in comparison to the characterful, more mechanical song of the classics, they feel a little synthesised and artificial. Just listen to the distorted and hurried idle of the 1957 Jaguar XK-SS (Steve McQueen’s car, no less), interrupted with short, sharp stabs of throttle – it’s heavenly, and inimitable. Nothing can detract from the sheer diversity in sound, with each and every car offering a distinct tone that perfectly defines its individual looks and personality, be it an American V8, a British inline six, or an Italian V12. Listening to them one after another is a real aural feast. 

Whatever your preferred sound, you can find thousands of classic and modern luxury cars for sale in the Classic Driver Market.