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Five features to increase the power of your Classic Driver dealer account

Your Classic Driver dealer account offers a series of customised functions intended to provide various benefits, which include increasing the reach of your listings. Here we summarise the five most important features…

1. Dealer statistics

On your ‘dashboard’, you’ll find various analytical statistics that provide an overview of the performance of your listings across either a 30-day or 12-month period. The statistics also highlight your most-viewed listing, as well as the listing that has generated the most requests.

Tip: If your listings have received less attention than you expected, try uploading new images or adding more information to the description.

Explaining the information provided by the Classic Driver dealer dashboard

Views: This figure shows you the total amount of clicks your listings have generated in total, with information available for 30-day or 12-month periods.

Contact button clicks: On each listing page, there’s a prominent ‘Contact Dealer’ button on the right-hand side. When a prospective customer clicks on this button, this will be counted in the statistics as a ‘contact click’. The potential buyer will then be shown your given contact information (address, website and phone number), and can also use the contact form to contact you directly through Classic Driver.

Contact enquiries: If a potential customer decides to use the contact form mentioned above to email you directly through Classic Driver, it will be counted as a ‘contact enquiry’. You can also view your most recent information requests under ‘last enquiries’.

2. Top listings

The ‘top listings’ can be booked for an added performance boost. For 99 euros (or the equivalent in your chosen currency), your listing will appear at the top of search results for 14 days on the relevant brand page (e.g. Porsche). In this case, even when other dealers add their more recent listings to the Porsche brand page, your advert remains in a prominent position.

If other dealers book a ‘top listing’ on the same brand page, yours might slip down a few places – but it will remain more prominent than a standard listing during that 14-day period.

3. Invoice archive

When you buy a new package or renew an existing one, an invoice will automatically be stored as a PDF file in your invoice archive under ‘Payments’. Bookings and payments for ‘top listings’ will also be stored in this section.

4. Co-operation with Auto Bild Klassik

Several weeks ago, we re-implemented the automatic import to the Auto Bild Klassik site. Therefore, all pre-1983 dealer cars in the Classic Driver Market will be uploaded daily to our co-operation partner’s site. As a result, the reach of your advert is extended, and this might result in more enquiries. This service is free of charge for Classic Driver dealers.

5. Import/export listings

The simplest and fastest way to ensure your inventory remains up-to-date is to make use of our auto-import formats. We can work with popular existing formats such as, or reproduce the listings from your own website (updated every 24 hours). Furthermore, we work with various software providers and advertising agencies to find solutions that suit your particular needs. We’ll be happy to see what we can do for you – don’t hesitate to get in touch!