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Ferrari Fast Forwards to the past with the GTC4Lusso

The second generation of Ferrari’s innovative four-wheel-drive FF grand tourer has been revealed ahead of its global debut at Geneva – and it will go by the name GTC4Lusso in homage to its illustrious forebears…

Across-the-board improvements

The new four-seater, which Ferrari describes as a ‘major evolution’ of the FF, will be the latest Ferrari to receive a moniker acquired from the past after its 488 GTB and F12 TDF stablemates. Styled by Maranello’s in-house design studio – as opposed to the now-Indian-owned Pininfarina that penned its predecessor – the facelifted car receives across-the-board improvements, among which are a power increase from 651bhp to 680bhp, and the addition of rear-wheel steering. Further details on pricing and delivery will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in early March.

Photos: Ferrari

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