Ferrari F12 TRS is a multi-million-euro one-off with 1950s cues

The latest unique Ferrari to emerge from the Special Projects division is this F12-based barchetta, which takes inspiration from the legendary 250 Testa Rossa racing car of 1957…

Completing its maiden voyage during the third Ferrari Cavalcade held in Sicily over the weekend, the F12 TRS is the latest Prancing Horse to be built specifically to a single client’s demands – the marque’s way of thanking its most loyal aficionados, while also banking a healthy cheque in the process. So, what did the anonymous commissioner receive in exchange for the rumoured €3.1 million he wired to Maranello?

Well, the underpinnings of a 740HP F12 Berlinetta, for a start – but most importantly, a custom barchetta body that combines subtle styling cues from the 1957 Testa Rossa (an example being the transparent engine cover) with modern design flourishes, such as the wraparound windscreen leading back to the double-bubble rear cowl. Some of the F12’s key features have been reinterpreted, the re-profiled ‘aerobridge’ and the T-shaped (thong?) graphic at the rear of the car being the most noticeable. Inside, we’re told features have been pared back to the bare minimum – well, you didn’t require a glovebox in a Testa Rossa, did you?

Photos: Ferrari

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