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Ferrari California Upgrades for Geneva

Another treat scheduled for the Geneva Motor Show next month is the official debut of an upgraded Ferrari California, boasting a 30HP hike in power and a 30kg drop in weight.

Production of the latest model – now with 490HP and 505Nm of torque from the mid-front-mounted V8, thanks to new exhaust manifolds and engine mapping – has already commenced. The 30kg weight loss comes courtesy of aluminium fabrication techniques that, we’re promised, do not compromise the structural rigidity or performance of the convertible GT with its retractable hardtop. And, thanks to the enhancements, the California can now sprint from zero to 62mph in 3.8 seconds.

Other highlights include an optional Handling Speciale package (with magnetorheological dampers and stiffer springs) to minimise body roll and “make the car even more responsive to driver inputs”. Ferrari also claims faster turn-in with smaller steering wheel angles thanks to a new steering box.

Ferrari California Upgrades for Geneva

And let’s not ignore an even more extensive choice of colours, including two-tone finishes, three-layer paint technology and “modern re-interpretations of classic colour schemes” to boost those personalisation options.


Photos: Ferrari

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