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The Ferrari 250 Europa by Vignale is 1950s coachbuilding at its finest

One of the final and finest Vignale-bodied Ferraris, this early Ferrari 250 Europa is a rare and stunning slice of 1950s coachbuilding goodness.

Any present-day prancing horse is easy to spot from at least a block away, even if they aren’t painted red. The recognisable low-slung, curvaceous design language, those signature round taillights, and the almost ever-present wing shields immediately let onlookers know they’re gawping at one of Maranello’s finest. However, back in the 1950s that wasn’t quite the case, as is proven by this beautiful 1953 Ferrari 250 Europa by Vignale

One of just 22 Europas built, and only four bodied by Vignale, chassis 0313EU sits among the final six road-going Ferraris to ever feature bodywork by the Italian coachbuilder. Characteristic of Vignale’s typical work, chassis 0313EU features inset headlights with pronounced ‘eyebrows’ as well as deeply recessed indicators in the front wings. This coupe’s body is bursting with design flourishes, such as the chrome-accented vents located just ahead of the doors and the chrome strip that wraps from the front arches towards the boot, emphasising this Ferrari’s length. 

Not only is chassis 0313EU truly stunning, but it also represents a pivotal moment in Ferrari’s history as the brand transitioned to become an established manufacturer. Originally shipped to Luigi Chinetti Motors in New York City in 1953, chassis 0313EU helped cement Ferrari’s place in the USA, which would become its largest market for over 70 years. One of the first 250s built, chassis 0313EU’s appeal is further enhanced by its power plant: the extremely rare and characterful Lampredi engine. Today, this gorgeous Ferrari presents in fantastic restored condition and is ready to turn heads in your neighbourhood. If you’d like to add this highly desirable 250 Europa to your collection, please get in touch with ISSIMI.