Editor's Choice: 1957 BMW 503

With all the new BMWs being launched to the market, it’s easy to forget the classic rarities… such as the BMW 503 Coupé on sale at Aston Martin of New England.

Picture the scene: a dry, sunny winter’s day, and you bring your precious BMW 503 out of the garage for the start of an extended tour in the South of France. The eight-cylinder engine delights you with its silky-smooth operation; the sun pursues you across countless miles of highways and byways through the winter landscape – this car was made for a true Gran Turismo continental road trip.

The 1957 503 Coupé on offer through Aston Martin of New England is based on the handsome BMW 501 ‘Baroque Angel’ and boasts lines that echo those of the legendary 507 Roadster, both penned by Count Albrecht von Goertz. Slightly more than 400 units of the 503 were built before production was stopped, making this Ultramaron Metallic example a real rarity.

Editor's Choice: 1957 BMW 503


Photos: Aston Martin of New England

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