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An E-type fit for an Italian Job

As one of the “three fast cars if anything goes wrong”, the E-type Roadster in Michael Caine’s cult 1969 movie has always been overshadowed by the Minis. That said, I know which I’d rather take “on the mountain route”...

Sadly, the digger that put paid to Roger Beckermann’s Miura in the film also finished off both E-types and Charlie Croker’s own DB4 Convertible.  All three were despatched to the bottom of a ravine at the start of the British gang’s adventures in Italy.

This 1967 Series 1.5 E-type Roadster, available from Classic Driver dealer Duncan Hamilton, is left-hand drive, so a transalpine journey could be taken with ease.

Just get in and drive. But do remember, should the worst come to the worst, that “it’s a long way back to England. And it’s that way…”